Link Building Techniques 2016

link-building (1)Link building is an SEO technique used to earn links through other websites. The reputation of your website improves as you earn natural links. The Google ranking improves based on your backlinks. There are legitimate and white hat techniques that can promote a link building naturally. Link building needs some tactics to be avoided totally. Sometimes link building can be equated to web spam and Goggle is constantly enforcing guidelines to promote natural link building. Despite moving further in technology, link building is still considered to be a prominent tool in SEO.

Natural links are defined as freely provided editorial links and unnatural links are created by the owner of the website to catch the attention of the Google search engine. Links that are not editorial are not considered by Google. Moreover, Google rewards high-quality links earned in an organic manner. Google discounts manufactured links. Some internet marketers use unnatural links and this affects the ranking strategy of Google. Again SEO is a threat for Adwords. Manipulative links are called spam, in the context of Googleplex. There is no need for the machine to classify manipulative links as spam.

Remember posting the low quality press release and guest posts on websites with spamming history are also treated as spam. It all depends on the quality of the end product and the quality of the link generated as the end product. Manipulating links just for the sake of Google ranking can lead to a penalty. Though, it is worth a mention here that link building companies thrive on unnatural link building and there are many techniques used to succeed in this activity. The Google Webmaster Guidelines if deviated will lead to penalty and Google is strict at maintaining these Guidelines. Prior to 2012, it was easier to manipulate the search engine with a 300-word article, around 500 unnatural links and unique anchor text. All this running for a few months can give you a top ranking, but today this is not easily done.

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